Call for papers Public financial management for Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges, experiences and perspectives

The Special Issue welcomes papers within the broad area of public sector financial management, assessing the current situation, challenges and future prospects regarding sustainable development,

and SDGs in particular. New approaches from both the theoretical and the methodological point of view would provide a fresh contribution for the advancement of public financial management studies

and are therefore appreciated. The research may be contemporary, historical or comparative.

Interesting topics for the papers include, but are not limited to, the following issues:

  • Sustainable development and UN-SDGs: why and how public entities report their planned and actual activities.
  • Budgeting in the light of SDGs. New forms of budgeting for sustainability: Green Budgeting, Gender Budgeting, Child Responsive Budgeting, budgeting for SDGs.
  • Advancing research into sustainability reporting (SR) in governments
  • Management accounting and performance measurement for assessing and re-addressing public policies, strategies and actions towards SDGs.
  • SDGs measurement: the role of accounting in quantifying and monetizing SDGs.
  • SDGs and developing countries: challenges for public financial management.
  • Transparency and legitimacy of governments: how sustainable development strategies affect the preparation of accrual accounting financial statements.
  • Engaging citizens in local sustainable development.
  • Challenges for public sector accounting education towards the SDGs.
  • Sustainable development and COVID-19: challenges for public financial management.
  • The role of auditing and of Supreme Audit Institutions in sustainability.
  • The role of public sector accounting in supporting networks and partnership towards the achievement of SDGs.
  • Competing logics and failures of public financial management to meet sustainability goals.