Call for papers Social, sovereign and geopolitical risks

The organizers encourage submissions on any topic within the overall theme of the conference and in the following areas in particular:

  • SOCIO-ECONOMIC STABILITY: Future development of income (and wealth) inequality and social polarization; Risk, inequality and employment impacts of crises and policies; Gender and skilling issues will increase or help the transition?
  • SOVEREIGN RISKS: Sovereign debt with low economic growth; Long term challenges for fiscal and monetary policies: green transformation, commodity prices, de-globalization and demographic trends; Inflation and exchange rate risks; Environmental and social inter-dependencies; social and environmental preferences and how these affect the stability and macroeconomic wellbeing of a given country; Challenges in measuring the ESG ratings of countries and thus of sovereign debt
  • GEOPOLITICAL RISKS: Global supply chain and de-globalization risks for finance; Do international energy price discrepancies pose risks for the competitiveness of EU firms’ and might this have implications for the real exchange rate to?; Risks stemming from accelerating deglobalisation; Cyber-risk vulnerabilities of banks and firms
  • ENERGY/COMMODITY SECURITY: Energy prices and financial performance of firms; Inefficiency of energy markets under scarcity; Transition costs under high energy and resource prices; Volatility of energy-related asset prices (both brown and green) and implications for medium and long term investments in energy production technologies, energy commodity assets and energy infrastructure;  Implications of net zero policies for the prices of real estate assets, especially for homeowners and households
  • LONG RUN INVESTMENTS AND PORTFOLIOS: Stability of asset market equilibria under low returns; Regulation (-demand) driven asset prices; Equilibrium asset price levels under structural transformation and high uncertainty; Net zero pledges and the possible trade-off between sustainability and returns; Engagement versus divesting