Sustainability, Climate Change and Financial Innovation

Research Questions:

 Some research questions that contributors to the conference might address are:

- How do sustainability issues affect different forms of finance for publicly traded

firms versus privately held firms (including venture backed, crowdfunded, etc)?

- In what ways do FinTech innovations enable sustainability issues to be addressed in

financial disclosure and financing strategies?

- How should Board of Directors strategically think about their wider stakeholders to

align shareholder value with stakeholder value?

- What is the alternative pricing and hedging mechanisms for climate risk and its

impact on the cost of capital?

- What is the influence of incorporating Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

criteria into fund managers’ portfolios?

- Has the growth of crypto currencies/assets exacerbated climate crisis?

- Can regulations be designed to improve the sustainability of ethical standards?

- How could regulations raise the disclosure bar leading to a mandatory disclosure on

climate related risk?

- What is influence of sea-level rise and flooding risk on the real estate sector?

- What are the unintended consequences for energy sector e.g. stranded assets?

- How corporate culture may impact sustainability-innovation nexus?

- Is climate crisis exacerbated or mitigated under different types of ownership, such as

government, institutional, or family ownership?

- What is the role of shareholders activism in combating climate crisis?

Related research questions on both publicly traded and privately held institutions are welcome.