The Return Of Inflation

The global surge in inflation has refocused policymaker attention and research interest on disinflation, in contrast to the focus of the past 15 years on avoiding deflation. What are the causes of this upswelling of inflation and what are the similarities with and differences from earlier episodes? What policy options are available to policymakers for stabilization? What additional burdens emerging market and other less advanced economies are already facing and likely to be further confronted with?  These are some of the questions that the public is now concerned with, and they require sound answers.


The Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) and the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) are organizing a research conference to facilitate a debate on these and similar questions. The topics include but are not limited to determinants of inflation, inflation dynamics in small open economies, inflation and rare disasters, fiscal policy and inflation, monetary policy spillovers to emerging markets, monetary and fiscal policy in low growth and high inflation environments, and optimal monetary policy targets and instruments. We particularly welcome submissions from early career researchers.