Webinar on Demystifying Catastrophe Bonds for Debt Managers

In February 2018, the World Bank issued the largest sovereign CAT bond in market history, providing US$1.36 billion of earthquake coverage for the members of the Pacific Alliance – Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. In this webinar, we will discuss what it took for government officials to adopt this instrument, how the deal fit into the debt management strategies and operations, and how the collaboration between the World Bank and the governments worked.

We will also hear about how the World Bank could respond with an end-to-end solution, how CAT Bonds work, and how they strengthen the financial resilience of governments against natural disasters. Abigail C. Baca, Senior Financial Officer at the World Bank Treasury, will share the key messages and takeaways for debt managers. Patricio Sepulveda, Head of Public Debt, Chile, will present the experience of members of the Pacific Alliance and Akinchan Jain, Senior Financial Officer at the World Bank Treasury will share on the role of the WB as an intermediary and issuer.

A Q&A session will provide the participants with the opportunity to discuss and share other experiences and lessons learned.