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6. International Best Practices

Primary market Primary dealers World Bank International Best Practices Debt Policy OECD Financial stability Best Practices Bond market development Debt sustainability Debt managers in advanced and less advanced countries have greatly benefited from s

8. Multilateral Financing

Debt crisis Debt sustainability 5 Multilateral Financing Bond market development Multilateral financing In this area you will find documents addressing specifically emerging markets problems associated with multilateral debt. Among them, multilateral


Debt Forecasts Economic Forecasts 5 ECONOMIC ANALYSES AND POLICIES Debt and recession Debt and growth Multilateral financing Debt management has clear links with fiscal and monetary policies, as the debt servicing costs have clear implications for th

10. Macroeconomic Analysis

Debt Forecasts Economic Forecasts 5 Macroeconomic Analysis Debt and recession Debt and growth This area is dedicated to documents focused on the analysis of macroeconomic theoretical models which include, as one of the relevant variables, the level o