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Call for Papers ESG in the Era of Geopolitical and Economic Instability

Research Questions:

 Some research questions that contributors to the conference might address are:

- How does economic instability impact investments in environmentally, socially and

governance (ESG) focused funds?

- To what extent does economic instability affect investors' risk-return preferences and

decisions to allocate funds towards ESG investments?

- How does economic instability impact the performance of ESG funds compared to

non-ESG funds?

- How do investors' tendency to preserve capital during uncertain economic times

affect the growth of ESG investments?

- Is there a correlation/causation between economic instability and the decline in

investments in sustainable funds and corporate fundraising through sustainable


- How does the trend of sustainable investing change during the time of economic


- What is the impact of the current economic and geopolitical instability on socially

responsible investments?

- What effect has the climate crisis had on business and investment strategies, and how

are corporations and regulators responding to it?

- How do sustainability issues affect different forms of finance for publicly traded

firms versus privately held firms (including venture backed, crowdfunded, etc.)?

- What is the role of shareholders activism in the time of economic instability?

Related research questions on both publicly traded and privately held institutions are