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Call for Papers Third High-Level Conference on Global Risk, Uncertainty, and Volatility . Policy Making Under Uncertainty

They welcome theoretical and empirical paper submissions that

address new and traditional sources of uncertainty and their implications for policymaking,

with an emphasis on the following areas:

‐ Implications of different sources of uncertainty for the toolkit of monetary, fiscal,

and prudential authorities and market regulators.

‐ Incorporating new sources of uncertainty in models on monetary policy, financial

stability, and market functioning.


‐ Changes in policy strategies, implementation frameworks, and communications

under increased uncertainty.

‐ Political uncertainty and its impact on the real and financial economy.

‐ Non-traditional data providing insights on traditional and new sources of


‐ How financial market participants account for uncertainty.

‐ Uncertainty stemming from the interaction of fiscal, monetary, and macroprudential policies.