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Call for papers 2023 Financial Stability Conference

We welcome submissions of research on topics related to potential financial stability risks faced by financial markets and institutions, sources of financial system resilience, and related public policy. Conference topics include but are not limited to the following:



As monetary policy fights inflation yet faces prospects of an economic downturn, the place of macroprudential and stability tools becomes increasingly important. What risks will surface in the new environment, what data will make these risks apparent, and what tools will preserve stability? Are there implications for the governance of both the private and public sectors? Irrespective of the policy environment, what frontier risks are emerging with the constant changes in technology and organizations?


We welcome papers on topics including


Interactions between macroprudential and monetary policy

Inflation, macroprudential supervision, and financial stability

Risks from rising interest rates and quantitative tightening

Macroprudential impacts on diverse populations

International regulatory competition and cooperation

Financial stability councils and central banks and policy coordination with divided responsibility

Policy uses of big data, text data, and new data

Regtech and regulatory sandboxes.