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Call for papers 5th Joint Bank of England – Banque de France – Banca d’Italia – IMF – OECD Workshop on International Capital Flows and Financial Policies

 The organizing committee invites authors to submit empirical and theoretical papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • International capital flows and exchange rates within a more fragmented international financial system.
  • Linkages between terms of trade fluctuations – including from commodity price volatility – and capital flows.
  • The role of non-bank financial intermediation in the propagation of global shocks.
  • The implications of climate change and transition risk on the direction and volatility of capital flows.
  • Capital flows in a digital age: international spillovers of crypto activities, stable coins and central bank digital currencies.
  • Monetary policy, interest rate volatility, and increased debt burdens: implications for international capital flows.
  • Capital flow management measures: their deployment in times of crisis and their interactions with other macroeconomic policies (i.e. macroprudential measures, currency-based measures, FX interventions, monetary policy, and structural policies).
  • Distributional consequences of capital account sudden stops, inflow surges and liberalization.