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Call for papers Finance and Growth Workshop

We invite submissions of full papers relevant to, but not necessarily restricted to, the following issues :
What are the prospects of the UK's financial industry in the post-Brexit landscape?
Can financial regulation improve the international competitiveness of the financial sector? If yes, how and at what cost?
Can reforms to the financial regulatory framework be viewed as part of a broader industrial policy? How would the reforms impact other sectors of the economy?
Are major government subsidies for investment in certain areas warranted? (e.g., green technology, chip production)
Does the competitiveness of the financial sector support or is in tension with that of the whole economy? How do the government's proposed Edinburgh reforms address the issues highlighted above?
How should reforms to the UK's financial regulatory framework consider recent episodes of financial instability in the UK and globally (e.g., volatility in the UK's pension sector; recent bank failures in the United States and Switzerland)?
Does it make sense for central banks to offer deposit facilities to households?
We also welcome submissions on specific aspects of the UK's financial regulatory framework, such as ring-fencing, capital requirements, senior manager certification regime, short-selling, and securitisation.