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Call for papers First Annual North American Conference on Islamic Finance

 NACIF is currently accepting submissions for the following areas of focus within the Islamic finance discipline:

  • Product development and Implementation of Islamic financial products
  • Ensuring Shariah compliance in Islamic financial instruments
  • Sukuk: development, issues and challenges
  • Islamic gold account: a golden opportunity
  • Islamic mutual funds (unit trusts): factors to consider in making an investment
  • The rise of Islamic wealth management in Islamic finance industry
  • Islamic financial planning
  • Takaful: innovation and solutions
  • Enterprise risk management for Islamic banks
  • Enterprise risk management for takaful operators
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Human capital development in Islamic finance industry
  • Legal issues and challenges in Islamic finance
  • Dispute settlement in Islamic finance: issue and solutions
  • Islamic ethics in financial services industry
  • Corporate governance for Islamic finance industry