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Call for papers Sixth ECB biennial conference on fiscal policy and EMU governance

Theoretical and empirical papers on the following topics are particularly welcome:

  • interlinkages between fiscal policy, monetary policy, and the finance sector, including aspects specific to monetary unions
  • the role of fiscal policy as a stabilising tool and the effects of fiscal policy on inflation
  • implications of high inflation and rising debt financing costs for the sustainability of sovereign debt
  • risk-sharing arrangements and private/public balance sheet developments in monetary unions
  • fiscal policy implications of monetary policy normalisation
  • EMU institutional challenges and reform needs in European (fiscal) governance
  • the role of fiscal policy in the mitigation of climate change
  • the interplay between structural policies, financial policies and monetary/fiscal policies

However, the scope of the conference is wider than the topics listed above, and submissions on other related topics are also encouraged. The conference material will be published on the ECB’s website.