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"Green Finance, responsible investments, and ethics in the era of post-COVID-19 and Russian-Ukrainian conflict"

The recent COVID-19 outbreak again has challenged policymakers and practitioners with sharp currency depreciations and large capital outflows. The current Russian-Ukrainian conflict has aggravated the situation. In addition to the Covid-19 crisis, which introduced the implementation of unconventional financial and monetary policy, the euro area crisis and related difficulties in the sovereign debt crisis raised economic uncertainty. Recently, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has dramatically impacted the macro-financial environment, leading to elevated exchange rate volatility and innovations in monetary policy in response.

Several alternative investments could be useful as a response to the current crisis, helping investors be better prepared for the next pandemic or energy crisis. For instance, investment in the digital sector could overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and relaunch the economy. In addition, green bonds, clean energy, and innovations will likely benefit from the current fossil fuel energy crisis as private and public sectors increase their investments in the sustainable energy industry. The evolution of technical Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning tools, econometric methodologies will allow modelling correctly complexities and nonlinearity.

They invite authors to submit papers covering these topical issues related to the recent challenges affecting investors, regulators, and the financial system.