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Regional Workshop on Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy and Annual Borrowing Plan

The availability and implementation of a debt management strategy is important for effective public debt management, especially in times of crisis like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A medium-term debt management strategy (MTDS) provides guidance to governments on the optimal financing options in terms of their costs and risks. It also enhances policy coordination and intra-government coordination at a time when government processes are disrupted by uncertainties associated with crises. It also enhances transparency and communication with creditors and markets, which can potentially reduce costs in the medium-term by reducing uncertainty. Lessons from the past crises indicate that countries that had debt management strategies navigated through turbulent times much better than those that did not have formal strategies.

MEFMI will conduct a face-to-face regional workshop on the use of the IMF/World Bank MTDS Analytical Tool to develop a debt management strategy and its implementation through the development of an Annual Borrowing Plan (ABP), and more specifically a domestic debt issuance calendar.