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6. Documentation, Settlement and Bookkeeping

Contract standards Debt Statistics 10 Documentation, Settlement and Bookkeeping Accounting, statistics, Reporting and Auditing Accounting standards The core competence of the back office is operational, involving transaction confirmation, settlements


Contract standards Debt Statistics 5 BACK OFFICE Accounting, statistics, Reporting and Auditing Accounting standards The typical functions of financial market intermediaries can be also seen in many Debt Management Offices (DMOs), particularly in rel

8. Economic Policies

Sovereign ALM Debt and fiscal/monetary policies 5 A debt management strategy will be more successful when a consistent macroeconomic policy framework involving fiscal, monetary, exchange rate, capital account and structural policies is in place. Achi

9. International and Macroprudential Regulations

Debt crisis International and Macroprudential Regulations 5 Macro-prudential regulation is intended to mitigate the systemic risk of the financial system as a whole, as opposed to traditional micro-prudential regulations that seek to preserve the sou


Debt Restructuring Financial stability LEGAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL FRAMEWORK Contract standards International and Macroprudential Regulations Several legal issues arise in debt transactions. Good legislation and legal analysis play a crucial role in the