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NEW ISSUE👉 Emerging Sovereign Debt Markets NEWS - WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Issue 20 2024, week May 11 - 17, is online

The Emerging Sovereign Debt Markets NEWS covers several sovereign debt markets of emerging and developing countries grouped by geographical region (Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America). The news has been selected by the PDM Network Secretariat from the the ©Thomson Reuters 2023 and © LSEG 2023 information services. For further info go to https://www.publicdebtnet.org/pdm/newsletters/weekly-newsletter/    or contact the PDM Network Secretariat at publicdebtnet.dt@mef.gov.it

Please note that in order to get access to the Newsletter page it will be necessary to enter the following Username and Password:

  • Username: pdm_weekly
  • Password: Weekly_newsletter1

Please note that starting from December 2020 the newsletter’s content has been parted in two different sections: a first one (Economics) gathering economic and financial news, and a second one (Rating actions) presenting only news related to a rating being affirmed, downgraded, or upgraded.