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Tackling the World’s Hidden Debt Problem Pablo Saavedra, Manuela Francisco, Diego Rivetti - World Bank Accounting Statistics Reporting and Auditing 2024
A Framework for Monitoring of and Reporting for External Project Loans in Developing Countries Emre Balibek, Guy T Anderson, Kieran McDonald - IMF Institutional and Organizational Framework 2024
Supporting Debt Transparency through the Debtor Reporting System (DRS) and Sustainable Development Finance Policy (SDFP): A Mission to Mozambique Parul Agarwal, Albert Pijuan, Salafiseha Haile Gebregziabher - World Bank Accounting Statistics Reporting and Auditing 2023
Should we bother with sovereign sustainability bonds? Daniel C. Hardy - The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies Financial Analysis 2023
Public Debt Decompositions in Emerging Economies - Methodology and Introduction of a Public Access Dashboard Théodore Humann - Finance for Development Lab Financial Analysis 2023

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