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The liquidity state-dependence of monetary policy transmission Rodrigo Guimaraes, Gabor Pinter, Jean-Charles Wijnandts - Bank of England Secondary Markets 2023
Examining US monetary spillover to Indonesian local currency government bonds in volatile periods Muhammad Fajar Nugraha - Ministry of Finance Indonesia Secondary Markets 2023
Government Interventions and Sovereign Bond Market Volatility during COVID-19: A Quantile Analysis Claudiu Tiberiu Albulescu, Eugenia Grecu - Politehnica University of Timisoara Secondary Markets 2023
A Paradox of Emerging Government Securities Market Development Tadashi Endo - Independent Secondary Markets 2023
The impact of sovereign tensions on bank lending: identifying the channels at work Fabiana Sabatini - Bank of Italy Secondary Markets 2022
Flash crashes on sovereign bond markets - EU evidence Antoine Bouveret, Martin Haferkorn, Gaetano Marseglia and Onofrio Panzarino - ESMA, Bank of Italy Secondary Markets 2022
Information spillovers and sovereign debt: theory meets the eurozone crisis Harold L. Cole, Daniel Neuhann, Guillermo Ordoñez - University of Pennsylvania, McCombs School of Business Secondary Markets 2022
Sovereign Eurobond Liquidity and Yields Daniel C. Hardy - Vienna University for Economics and Business Secondary Markets 2022
Financing for the Post-pandemic Recovery: Developing Domestic Sovereign Debt Markets in Central America Jean Francois Clevy, Guilherme Pedras, Esther Pérez Ruiz - International Monetary Fund Secondary Markets 2021
Analyzing the Determinants of EMDE Local-Currency Sovereign Yields: A Simple Comparative Approach Laszlo Buzas, Erik Feyen, Owen Nie, Cindy Paladines, Igor Zuccardi - World Bank Secondary Markets 2021

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