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A better way to induce creditor cooperation in sovereign-debt workouts Lee C. Buchheit, Indermit Gill - University of Edinburgh, World Bank Debt Crisis 2024
Euro Interest Rate Swap Yields: Some ARDL Models Tanweer Akram, Khawaja Mamun - Citibank, Sacred Heart University Financial Analysis 2024
Sovereign Green Bond Market: Drivers of Yields and Liquidity Kamila Tomczak - Edge Hill University Primary Markets 2024
Public Debt Dynamics and the Impact of Fiscal Policy Nikhil Patel, Adrian Peralta Alva - IMF Financial Analysis 2024
IMF Programs and Borrowing Costs: Does Size Matter? Salim Chahine, Ugo Panizza, Guilherme Suedekum - Central Bank of Lebanon, Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID) and CEPR Financial Analysis 2024
The bright side of the doom loop: banks’ sovereign exposure and default incentives Luis E. Rojas, Dominik Thaler - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ECB Financial Analysis 2024
Can Central banks do the unpleasant job that governments should do? Vasiliki Dimakopoulou, George Economides, Apostolis Philippopoulos, Vanghelis Vassilatos - Athens University of Economics and Business Financial Analysis 2024
The Rising Costs of Variable Interest Rate Debt for Sovereigns Martin Kessler, Alessandro Ferrante - Finance for Development Lab Financial Analysis 2024
Central Bank Asset Purchases and Auction Cycles Revisited: New Evidence from the Euro Area Federico Maria Ferrara - ECB Financial Analysis 2024
Characterizing Public Debt Cycles: Don’t Ignore the Impact of Financial Cycles Tianbao Zhou, Zhixin Liu, Yingying Xu - Beihang University Financial Analysis 2024

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