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Quantitative easing and the functioning of the gilt repo market Mahmoud Fatouh, Simone Giansante, Steven Ongena - Bank of England, University of Palermo, University of Zurich Economic Policies 2024
The Term Structure of Interest Rates in a Heterogeneous Monetary Union James Costain, Galo Nuño, Carlos Thomas - Banco De España Financial Analysis 2024
Lifting the lid on a liquidity crisis Lydia Henning et al. - Bank Underground Financial Analysis 2023
The Impact of the Social Mood on the Italian Sovereign Debt Market: A Twitter perspective Giovanni Carnazza - Italian Economic Journal Financial Analysis 2023
Examining US monetary spillover to Indonesian local currency government bonds in volatile periods Muhammad Fajar Nugraha - Ministry of Finance Indonesia Secondary Markets 2023
Sub-Saharan Africa’s Risk Perception Premium: In the Search of Missing Factors William Gbohoui, Rasmané Ouedraogo, Yirbehogre Modeste Some - IMF Financial Analysis 2023
The demand for government debt Egemen Eren, Andreas Schrimpf and Dora Xia - BIS Debt Policy 2023
How Large is the Sovereign Greenium? Sakai Ando, Chenxu Fu, Francisco Roch, Ursula Wiriadinata - International Monetary Fund, University of Tokyo Financial Analysis 2023
Exchange Rates and Government Debt Federico Favaretto - Bocconi University Financial Analysis 2023
Sovereign Bond Yield differentials across Europe: A structural entropy perspective Thierry Warin, Aleksandar Stojkov - HEC Montreal, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Financial Analysis 2023

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