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Title Author/Affiliation Area Date of Publication
Global State of the Market Report 2023 Climate Bonds Initiative Global 5/15/24
Defaulting on Development and Climate – Debt Sustainability and the Race for the 2030 Agenda and Paris Agreement Marina Zucker-Marques, Kevin P. Gallagher, Ulrich Volz - Boston University, SOAS University EMDEs 5/9/24
Towards Liquid and Resilient Government Debt Markets in EMEs Bernardus Doornik et al. - BIS Emerging Markets 5/6/24
Tips for reading government debt-to-GDP ratios Isabelle Ynesta, Catherine Girodet, Dorian Balvir - OECD Global 4/12/24
Hidden Debt Hurts Economies. Better Disclosure Laws Can Help Ease the Pain Alissa Ashcroft, Karla Vasquez, Rhoda Weeks-Brown - IMF Global 4/12/24
Sustainable Financing of Development and Infrastructure Marcelo M. Giugale - World Bank Emerging Markets 3/28/24
3rd Webinar of the PDM Network: Primary Dealer Systems: Models and Experiences Across Countries PDM Network Global 3/27/24
Sustainability-Linked Bonds: How to Make Them Work in Developing Countries, and How Donors Can Help OECD Developing Countries 3/21/24
Liquidity and resilience in the core European sovereign bond markets Andy Hill, Simone Bruno - ICMA Europe 3/13/24
Global Debt Report 2024: Bond Markets in a High-Debt Environment OECD Global 3/8/24

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