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1st Webinar of the PDM Network: Sustainability of Debt Management in the Post-Pandemic Era

The webinar "Sustainability of Debt Management in the Post-Pandemic Era" will be held on March 13, which will launch the e-book: Sustainability of Debt Management in the Post-Pandemic Era - Proceedings of the 2nd Public Debt Management Network Conference, held in Rome on 26-27 May 2022.

Many crises have hit the world economy since the first Public Debt Management (PDM) Conference in Paris in 2019. The second PDM conference took place against the backdrop of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and a rapidly worsening environmental and climate crisis: all these new challenges combine to exacerbate economic, financial and debt vulnerabilities. Due to especially the large stock increase, the debt management landscape has become increasingly complex and government debt management offices are facing a range of new challenges that require continuous adaptation and strengthening of capacity. These challenges require a collective and coherent policy response and call for strengthening sustainable debt management strategies and developing new ones.

The launching of the e-book will be accompanied by a presentation by Samantha Cook (World Bank) on her paper (co-authors Cigdem Aslam, Philip Anderson, David Bevan, Mellany Pintado and Jelena Kostic): The Impacts of Disaster Risk on Sovereign Asset and Liability Management, which will be followed by a roundtable discussion among representatives from the Promoting Institutions of the PDM Network.

The webinar will be the occasion to present of the new PDM Webinar Series initiative, which consists of periodical webinars on current and topical issues on public debt management policies and bond market development.

Fatos Koc (OECD) will make the concluding remarks.