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Bonds To Finance The Sustainable Blue Economy A Practitioner's Guide – September 2023

The Blue Economy encompasses economic activities that rely or impact on the use of coastal and marine resources. Like the broader concept of the Green Economy, of which the Blue Economy forms a part, it advocates sustainable use of these resources to minimize negative impacts on the marine environment. Investing in the Sustainable Blue Economy (SBE) recognizes the criticality of the ocean and its resources, and the increasing threats to the marine environment from climate change, overexploitation, and marine pollution.

With traditional marine investments facing rising physical, regulatory, and reputational risks, the transition to an SBE is an opportunity for public, private, and blended investment to enhance asset value and increase resilience and economic productivity. As the largest asset class in the global financial market, the bond market can play a significant role in catalyzing investments. In the last 5 years, a series of “blue bond” issuances (green bonds focused on the sustainable use of maritime resources and the promotion of related sustainable economic activities) demonstrate a growing appetite for ocean-themed bonds. […]