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Conference Announcement and Call for Papers - PDM Network: Public Debt Management Conference – Paris September 4-5, 2019


Call for papers

The Public Debt Management Network, an initiative fostered by the OECD, the Italian Treasury and The World Bank, is pleased to announce the call for papers for the Public Debt Management Conference which will be held on September 4-5, 2019 at the Headquarters of the OECD in Paris, France.

The conference aims at building, sharing and developing knowledge on public debt management. It is among the few events specifically aimed at promoting dialogue among policy makers (debt managers, central bankers, regulators), academics and market practitioners (investors, dealers, market infrastructures’ managers), to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration across organizational and disciplinary boundaries, and to foster the development and dissemination of best practices in public debt management.

Please note that participating individuals/institutions will cover their own costs.


The conference aims to explore techniques, analysis and proposals to improve the management of public debt in the context of a shifting macroeconomic, geopolitical, regulatory, and technological environment.

Topics could cover institutional and legal frameworks, financial modeling and application for risk management in public debt management, coordination of public debt management with other public policies, and use of innovative financial technologies and instruments in the issuance or processing of debt transactions.

Proposals across these or any other topics relevant to public debt management are welcome and may be submitted in the form of an abstract with preliminary findings and a supporting outline, or a working paper.

Specific examples of areas for exploration may include the following:

  • Modeling the risk/cost trade-off in public debt management including :
    • Currency and interest rate risk
    • Use of derivatives
  • Government securities market including:
    • Policies and tools to improve functioning of primary and secondary markets
    • Market infrastructure
    • Pricing mechanisms
    • Investor behavior
  • Sovereign asset-liability management including:
    • Assessment and management of balance sheet risks including the risks from contingent liabilities

Submission procedure

Proposals (in the form of an abstract with preliminary findings and a supporting outline, or a working paper) should be submitted in electronic format by April 5, 2019. All submissions will be reviewed by the conference’s advisory committee, and authors will be informed of the outcome by June 7, 2019.

The selection of proposals will be based upon, among other criteria, their quality and relevance to the conference. Final presentations will then be due by August 2, 2019. Finally, the advisory committee is considering the possibility of publishing selected papers from the conference.

Enquiries about the conference may be directed to:

Coskun Cangoz ccangoz@worldbank.org
Eric Bouyé ebouye@worldbank.org
Fabio Vittorini fabio.vittorini@mef.gov.it
Fatos Koc fatos.koc@oecd.org

Your submission should be sent with a short curriculum vitae by e-mail to: