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Deteriorating conditions of global financial markets amid high debt

Financial and commodity markets have been impacted by high inflation and a deteriorating growth outlook. The necessary tightening of monetary policy has cascaded through markets, contributing to rising yields, significant asset price corrections, and rising debt costs for sovereigns, households and corporates. Existing high debt levels in these sectors raise concerns about the prospects of debt servicing. In some emerging markets, tightening financial conditions combined with weak fundamentals and large outflows could accelerate debt distress. The growing potential for broad-based credit losses could affect the resilience of various financial intermediaries, with negative impacts on credit intermediation and economic growth going forward.

This report assesses the major financial market developments, the spillovers to credit risk, and rising vulnerabilities in several market segments against a backdrop of tighter monetary conditions amid slowing global growth, elevated inflation and persisting geopolitical tensions. The report considers the economic imbalances highlighted by the OECD Economic Outlook (OECD, 2022) and explores the financial ramifications.