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Sovereign Debt: A Guide for Economists and Practitioners

This conference was hosted by the International Monetary Fund at its headquarters in Washington DC on September 13-14, 2018. The conference was designed to showcase and support the development of a new book - Sovereign Debt: A Guide for Economists and Practitioners – edited by S. Ali Abbas (IMF), Alex Pienkowski (IMF) and Kenneth Rogoff (Harvard University).

The forthcoming book from Oxford University Press and the IMF is designed to connect the multiple aspects of sovereign debt policy into one coherent text. It will be accessible to policymakers and practitioners and will combine economic theory and analysis with real world examples of how this relates to actual events and policies. The editors have gathered together some of the leading experts in the field of sovereign debt as chapter authors and conference participants.


Full Conference Program

Opening Remarks By Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director

Session 1: Public Debt Through the Ages

Session 2: The Current Landscape

Session 3: The Motive to Borrow

Session 4: Debt Sustainability

Session 5: Debt Management

Panel Discussion: Challenges Ahead

Session 6: Reducing Debt, Short of Default

Session 7: Sovereign Default

Session 8: The Restructuring Process