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The Public Debt Management Network: from the initial intuition to today's reality. Meeting in memory of Gianluca Colarusso

On 8 March 2018 at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance was held - about 15 years after its sudden disappearance - a meeting on the Public Debt Management Network in memory of Gianluca Colarusso, young executive of the Ministry of Economy and Finance from the National Administration School.

The Directorate of Public Debt of the Treasury Department wanted to remember Gianluca's commitment to the activities of the Department and to illustrate how, over time, the initiatives he imagined and started have actually taken place. Who was Gianluca Gianluca Colarusso, Director of the Office of International Relations of Directorate of Public Debt, during the years 2001 and 2002, undertook to work for the establishment of the PDM Network, in close contact with the OECD, to set up a multilateral initiative for the dissemination of knowledge and the sharing of international best practices on management of the public debt.

This initiative has grown significantly since then and from 2013, the World Bank has also joined the OECD and the MEF in pursuing it. The Network, which uses its own website entirely managed by the PDM Secretariat (Office XI of Directorate of Public Debt), today sees over 660 subscribers from more than 110 countries around the world, as well as thousands of users of the dedicated site.

Among the other activities carried out by Gianluca during the period of his office at the MEF, he also represented the Public Debt Directorate while participating in important international conferences on the public debt. Among the documents drawn up in this capacity, it is worth mentioning in particular a significant contribution to the International Monetary Fund - World Bank document on the management of public debt in Italy, included among the country case studies of the first "Guidelines for Public Debt Management" of 2001, first important international document on the best practices for the management of sovereign debt. Also in the context of international cooperation in the field of public debt management, he organized fruitful study visits to the Directorate of Public Debt for representatives of the offices for debt management in Russia, Brazil, Israel and Turkey. The experience was then successfully repeated by the Public Debt Directorate Management many other times in the following years.