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Trends in Allocation & Impact Reporting. Ensuring transparency in Emerging Market Sovereign Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds

Green, social, and sustainability (GSS) bonds have emerged as a key financial instrument through which emerging market sovereigns attract private investment to meet their environmental and social objectives. Twenty-three emerging market sovereigns had issued GSS bonds as of December 2023, including inaugural issuances by Argentina, Brazil, India, and Türkiye in 2023. Good allocation and impact reporting helps maintain the integrity of the market and facilitates its growth. Good impact reporting requires the use of best practices, as outlined in the Core Principles and Recommendations for Reporting in the Handbook: Harmonized Framework for Impact Reporting (ICMA 2023a; 2023c.). Allocation and impact reports should be publicly disclosed, easily accessible, and well structured. Where possible, impact metrics used should align with the sector-specific core indicators identified in the handbook. […]