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Breaking The Debt Supercycle Atif Mian - Princeton University Debt Policy 2024
Zambia: Third Time’s a Charm? Théo Maret - Global Sovereign Advisory (GSA) Debt Restructuring 2024
Fiscal and monetary policy: debating optimal interactions Jacopo Cimadomo, Demosthenes Ioannou - ECB Debt Policy 2024
Towards liquid and resilient government debt markets in EMEs Bernardus Doornik et al. - BIS Secondary Markets 2024
The Fiscal and Financial Risks of a High-Debt, Slow-Growth World Tobias Adrian, Vitor Gaspar, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas - IMF Cost and Risk 2024
Fiscal Sustainability and the Role of Inflation António Afonso et al. - Lisbon School of Economics and Management Financial Analysis 2024
Who buys bonds now? How markets deal with a smaller Eurosystem balance sheet Federico Maria Ferrara et al. - ECB Financial Analysis 2024
A Modified Common Framework for Restructuring Sovereign Debt David Grigorian - Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School Debt Restructuring 2024
A Framework for Monitoring of and Reporting for External Project Loans in Developing Countries Emre Balibek, Guy T Anderson, Kieran McDonald - IMF Institutional and Organizational Framework 2024
Up & Coming: Unpacking South Asia’s Growing Role in Global Debt Prateek Samal, Anthony Tin Yu To - World Bank Macroeconomic Analysis 2024

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