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Euro Interest Rate Swap Yields: A GARCH Analysis Tanweer Akram, Khawaja Mamun - Citibank, Sacred Heart University (SHU) Active Debt Management 2023
Debt-for-Nature Swaps: A New Generation Deborah Zandstra et al. - Clifford Chance Active Debt Management 2023
Debt-for-Nature Swaps: The Belize 2021 Deal and the Future of Green Sovereign Finance Sebastian Grund, Stephanie Fontana - IMF, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Active Debt Management 2023
Alternative Futures for Government of Canada Debt Management Corey Garriott, Sophie Lefebvre, Guillaume Nolin, Francisco Rivadeneyra, Adrian Walton - Bank of Canada Active Debt Management 2018
A primer on managing Sovereign Debt-Portfolio Risks Thordur Jonasson Michael G. Papaioannou - IMF Active Debt Management 2018
Commodity-based Sovereign Wealth Funds : Managing Financial Flows in the Context of the Sovereign Balance Sheet Abdullah Al-Hassan, Sue Brake, Michael G. Papaioannou , Martin Skancke - International Monetary Fund, Willis Towers Watson, Norwegian Ministry of Finance Active Debt Management 2018
Sovereign bond-backed securities: a feasibility study ESRB High-Level Task Force on Safe Assets Active Debt Management 2018
High-Level Task Force on Safe Assets European Systemic Risk Board Active Debt Management 2018
Addressing Debt Overhang: Experiences from Two Debt Operations in Jamaica Juan Pedro Schmid - IDB Country Department Caribbean Group Active Debt Management 2016
African Fixed Income and Derivatives Guidebook Treasury Department African Development Bank Active Debt Management 2010

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