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Is the Government always greener? Caterina Di Tommaso, Salvatore Perdichizzi, Samuel A. Vigne, Andrea Zaghini - University of Bari; University of Bologna; Luiss Guido Carli University; Bank of Italy Primary Markets 2024
Accelerating bond financing in Asia and the pacific toward the sustainable development goals Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana - UN Primary Markets 2023
The Blue Bond Market: A Catalyst for Ocean and Water financing Pieter Bosmans, Frederic de Mariz - Columbia University Primary Markets 2023
When fiscal discipline meets macroeconomic stability: the euro-stability bond Luciano Greco, Francesco J. Pintus, Davide Raggi - University of Padova and CRIEP, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice Primary Markets 2023
A framework to assess sovereign bond issuers on climate change - Consultation report Antonina Scheer, Simon Dietz, Johannes Honneth, Yana Akhtyrska, Pippa Lockwood, and Rory Sullivan - ASCOR, TPI Centre Primary Markets 2023
EU Sovereign bond transparency regime framework – Position paper ICMA Primary Markets 2023
Sovereigns and sustainable bonds: challenges and new options Gong Cheng, Frank Packer - BIS Primary Markets 2022
Analysis of Costs and Main Investors of Sovereign Debt Issuances in Latin American and Caribbean Countries Joan Prats, María Eugenia Pereira - Inter-American Development Bank Primary Markets 2022
FTPL and the Maturity Structure of Government Debt in the New-Keynesian Model Max Ole Liemen, Olaf Posch - University of Hamburg Primary Markets 2022
Emerging Market Real Economy Sustainable Bonds - Current and Potential Issuance: Country Focus - Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa : Sector Analysis - Power, Transport, Agribusiness Cashion,Peter Goldblum, Dan Gibson, Tony Ben Smith, Anne Igbinedion, Benita Nguyen, Quyen Thuc Joseph, Roshin Mathai - World Bank Primary Markets 2022

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