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The Impacts of The Covid-19 Outbreak on the Euro Area’s Sovereign Bond Market Vassilios G. Papavassiliou - University College Dublin Financial Analysis 2023
A Fiscal Straitjacket is stifling Health Spending in Developing Countries Benedict Clements , Sanjeev Gupta and Saida Khamidova - CGD Center for Global Development Economic Policies 2023
Fiscal Anatomy of Two Crises and an Interlude Xuehui Han, Paolo Mauro, John Ralyea - IMF Macroeconomic Analysis 2023
French sovereign debt liquidity: main factors, recent developments and resilience during the Covid crisis Rossi Arthur, Lecomte Ernest, Legrand Théophile, Nguyen Benoît - Banque de France Financial Analysis 2023
Euro area sovereign bond risk premia before and during the Covid-19 pandemic Stefano Corradin, Bernd Schwaab - ECB Financial Analysis 2023
Government Interventions and Sovereign Bond Market Volatility during COVID-19: A Quantile Analysis Claudiu Tiberiu Albulescu, Eugenia Grecu - Politehnica University of Timisoara Secondary Markets 2023
Africa: the debt trap and how to get out of it CATDM Debt Policy 2023
U.S. and Euro Area Monetary and Fiscal Interactions During the Pandemic: A Structural Analysis Andrew Hodge, Zoltan Jakab, Jesper Lindé , Vina Nguyen - International Monetary Fund Economic Policies 2022
The Sovereign-Bank Nexus in Emerging Markets in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic Andrea Deghi, Salih Fendoglu, Tara Iyer, Hamid R Tabarraei. Yizhi Xu, Mustafa Yenice - International Monetary Fund Financial Analysis 2022
COVID-19: Fiscal Implications and Financial Stability in Developing Countries Praew Grittayaphong, Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria - Federal Reserve Banks - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Policies 2022

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