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Beyond Debt Relief: Navigating Somalia's Path to Sustainable Economic Resilience and Growth in the Post-HIPC Era Mohamed Ibrahim Nor - Simad University Debt Crisis 2024
On the Output Effect of Fiscal Consolidation Plans: A Causal Analysis Carbonari Lorenzo, Farcomeni Alessio, Maurici Filippo, Trovato Giovanni - University of Rome Tor Vergata Economic Policies 2024
Between Keynesianism and Neoclassicism: A Comparative Analysis of Public Debt-Unemployment Nexus Across Continents Swapnanil SenGupta, Jayanta Talukder, Aakansha Atal - The University of Manchester, National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), Jawaharlal Nehru University Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
Local Government Debt, Local Government Financing Platforms, and Green Development Efficiency Yonghao Guan, Jingjin Wu, Yiqi He - Nanjing University of Finance and Economics Primary Markets 2024
Development of New Products for Climate Change Resilience in South Africa—The Catastrophe Resilience Bond Introduction Thomas Mutsvene, Heinz Eckart Klingelhöfer - Tshwane University of Technology Primary Markets 2024
Public Debt and Economic Growth: A panel kink regression latent group structures approach Chaoyi Chen, Thanasis Stengos, Jianhan Zhang - Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary), MNB Institute, John von Neumann University, University of Guelph Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
Characterizing Public Debt Cycles: Don’t Ignore the Impact of Financial Cycles Tianbao Zhou, Zhixin Liu, Yingying Xu - Beihang University Financial Analysis 2024
Addressing Sovereign Debt Challenges in the European Union Didier Cahen - Eurofi Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
The Fiscal and Financial Risks of a High-Debt, Slow-Growth World Tobias Adrian, Vitor Gaspar, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas - IMF Cost and Risk 2024
Asymmetric impact of government public debt and gdp growth: case study from Nigeria Chinedu R Eric - Xi'an Jiaotong University Macroeconomic Analysis 2024

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