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Beyond Debt Relief: Navigating Somalia's Path to Sustainable Economic Resilience and Growth in the Post-HIPC Era Mohamed Ibrahim Nor - Simad University Debt Crisis 2024
Emerging public debt challenges in subSaharan Africa Maureen Were - Central Bank of Kenya Debt Crisis 2024
Africa’s chronic liquidity challenges and the role of SDR allocations Abebe Shimeles, Kevin Gallagher - University of Cape Town, Boston University Global Development Policy Center Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
The widening of the North–South divide: Debt Sustainability in a World weakened by COVID-19 Sandra Bernardo, Maria Luísa Vasconcelos, Fátima Rocha - Fernando Pessoa University, Centro de Estudos Políticos, Económicos e Sociais Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
On the Inflation-Debt-Bubble “Vicious Cycle” in times of Evolving Money—A Memorandum of Forward-Looking lessons Edoardo Beretta - Institute of Economics, Università della Svizzera Italiana Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
Fiscal policy, quality and quantity Clare Lombardelli, Max Glanville - OECD Economic Policies 2024
Lessons From the Ecuador 2020 Debt Restructuring Case Hamouda Chekir, Simon Cueva, José Antonio González - Finance for Development Lab, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Ecuador, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico Debt Restructuring 2024
Fiscal Stabilisers, Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Union Luigi Federico Signorini - Bank of Italy Economic Policies 2024
Addressing Sovereign Debt Challenges in the European Union Didier Cahen - Eurofi Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
Fiscal and monetary policy: debating optimal interactions Jacopo Cimadomo, Demosthenes Ioannou - ECB Debt Policy 2024

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