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Title Author/Affiliation Area Date of Publication
Hidden Debt Hurts Economies. Better Disclosure Laws Can Help Ease the Pain Alissa Ashcroft, Karla Vasquez, Rhoda Weeks-Brown - IMF Global 4/12/24
Liquidity and resilience in the core European sovereign bond markets Andy Hill, Simone Bruno - ICMA Europe 3/13/24
Sovereign debt issuance trends in emerging market economies OECD Developing Countries 1/1/70
Making Public Debt public—ongoing initiatives and reform options IMF Global 9/6/23
International Debt Management Conference, thirteenth session UNCTAD Global 11/28/22
OECD Global Forum on Public Debt Management 2022 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Global 2/16/22
Aligning financial flows with sustainability goals: The case for sovereign climate and nature reporting Fiona Stewart and Samantha Power - World Bank Global 2/7/22
How a better debt management tool can aid transparency and spur economic growth Andre Proite - World Bank Lower and middle income countries 1/27/22
Georgia: Building a Framework for Greater Fiscal Resilience World Bank 1/19/22
Report: Debt Transparency in Developing Economies Diego Rivetti, Doerte Doemeland, Marcello Estevão and others - World Bank Developing Countries 12/15/21

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