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Title Author/Affiliation Area Date of Publication
Striking the right note: Key performance indicators for sovereign sustainability-linked bonds Fiona Stewart and Rachel Mok - World Bank Global 2/7/22
Ten Years of Success: How Colombia Used a World Bank Program to Help Shock-Proof its Economy World Bank 12/21/21
Btp Green, the new sovereign bond to finance Italy's ecological transition Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance 10/6/21
OECD Webinar on Sovereign Funding in Emerging Market Economies OECD Emerging Markets 10/5/21
Sovereign ESG investing: We can do better Jean Pesme, Anderson Caputo Silva - World Bank Global 7/2/21
European Green Bonds and mechanisms for long-term policy commitment – Online event on Monday, 24 May 2021 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm European Political Economy Project (EUPEP) 5/21/21
Sovereign Investor Relations: From Principles to Practice James Knight and Bill Northfield - IMF Global 11/30/20
Debt Management in Uncertain Times - Proceedings of the first Public Debt Management Network Conference, held in Paris on September 4-5, 2019 OECD, World Bank, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance Global 11/2/20
Riding the Wave: Navigating the ESG Landscape for Sovereign Debt Managers Sebastien Boitreaud, Ekaterina M.Gratcheva, Bryan Gurhy, Cindy Paladines, and Andrius Skarnulis - World Bank Global 10/30/20
Developing a National Green Taxonomy: A World Bank Guide World Bank Global 7/13/20

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