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Beyond Debt Relief: Navigating Somalia's Path to Sustainable Economic Resilience and Growth in the Post-HIPC Era Mohamed Ibrahim Nor - Simad University Debt Crisis 2024
Sovereign Debt Restructuring process is improving amid Cooperation And Reform – Analysis Ceyla Pazarbasioglu - IMF Debt Restructuring 2024
The implications of the European Union’s new fiscal rules Zsolt Darvas, Lennard Welslau, Jeromin Zettelmeyer - Corvinus University, Bruegel Economic Policies 2024
Tough trade-offs: the big strategic issues for the next EU term Marco Buti, Marcello Messori - European University Institute Economic Policies 2024
Sovereign Credit Ratings: A critique Manya Khanna - Observer Research Foundation Financial Analysis 2024
Power in sovereign debt markets: Explaining the uneven debtor–creditor landscape and its implications Martin Guzman, Maia Colodenco , Anahí Wiedenbrüg - Columbia University, Suramericana Vision, Latin American University for Social Sciences Debt Restructuring 2024
Local Government Debt, Local Government Financing Platforms, and Green Development Efficiency Yonghao Guan, Jingjin Wu, Yiqi He - Nanjing University of Finance and Economics Primary Markets 2024
The widening of the North–South divide: Debt Sustainability in a World weakened by COVID-19 Sandra Bernardo, Maria Luísa Vasconcelos, Fátima Rocha - Fernando Pessoa University, Centro de Estudos Políticos, Económicos e Sociais Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
On the Inflation-Debt-Bubble “Vicious Cycle” in times of Evolving Money—A Memorandum of Forward-Looking lessons Edoardo Beretta - Institute of Economics, Università della Svizzera Italiana Macroeconomic Analysis 2024
Public Debt and Economic Growth: A panel kink regression latent group structures approach Chaoyi Chen, Thanasis Stengos, Jianhan Zhang - Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary), MNB Institute, John von Neumann University, University of Guelph Macroeconomic Analysis 2024

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