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Developing country DMOs driving blind Ruurd Brouwer and Barry Eichengreen - TCX Fund Cost and Risk 2024
Sovereign Risk Dynamics in the EU: the Time Varying Relevance of Fiscal and External (Im)balances António Afonso, José Alves, Sofia Monteiro - ISEG Cost and Risk 2024
Government Size and Risk Premium Abhishek Kumar, Sushanta Mallick - University of Southampton, Queen Mary University of London Cost and Risk 2024
The Fiscal and Financial Risks of a High-Debt, Slow-Growth World Tobias Adrian, Vitor Gaspar, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas - IMF Cost and Risk 2024
Financial Crises and Sovereign Debt Sustainability Risks: Exploring the Link Ivan Paya, Álvaro Fernández-Gallardo Romero - University of Alicante Cost and Risk 2024
Sovereign risk dynamics in the EU: the time varying relevance of fiscal and external (im)balances António Afonso, José Alves, Sofia Monteiro - ISEG Cost and Risk 2024
Sovereign Debt Tolerance with Potentially Permanent Costs of Default Marcos Chamon, Francisco Roldán - IMF Cost and Risk 2023
Banks’ Portfolio of Government Debt and Sovereign Risk José Alves, António Afonso, Sofia Monteiro - ISEG Cost and Risk 2023
On the Transmission of Credit and Liquidity Risks a Network Analysis for Emu Sovereign Debt Markets Adrian Fernandez-Perez, Marta Gómez-Puig, Simon Sosvilla-Rivero - Auckland University of Technology, University of Barcelona, UCM Institute for Economic Analysis Cost and Risk 2023
Systemic Risk Survey Results – 2023 H2 Bank of England Cost and Risk 2023

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