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An Analysis of Medium-Term Risks to the Public Finances Thomas Conefrey, Rónán Hickey, Graeme Walsh - Central Bank of Ireland Cost and Risk 2021
Discount Rates, Debt Maturity, and the Fiscal Theory Alexandre Corhay,Thilo Kind, Howard Kung,Gonzalo Morales - University of Toronto, London Business School, University of Alberta Cost and Risk 2021
Risk Assessment of Government Debt based on Machine Learning Algorithm Dan Chen - Henan Institute of Economics and Trade Cost and Risk 2021
The risks from climate change to sovereign debt in Europe Stavros A. Zenios - Bruegel Cost and Risk 2021
Contingency Public Funds for Emergencies: The Lessons from the International Experience Júlia Brunet, Lucía Cuadro-Sáez, Javier J. Pérez - Banco de España Cost and Risk 2020
Optimizing the Maturity Structure of U.S. Treasury Debt: A Model-Based Framework Terry Belton, Kristopher Dawsey, David Greenlaw, Huachen Li, Srini Ramaswamy, Brian Sack - JPMorgan Chase, The D. E. Shaw Group, Morgan Stanley Cost and Risk 2018
An Integrated Approach to Cost-Risk Analysis in Public Debt Management Massimo Bernaschi, Roberto Morea, Lucio Sarno, Fabrizio Tesseri, Federica Verani, Davide Vergni - Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo “M. Picone" (IAC) – CNR, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, Treasury Department, Sogei, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge Cost and Risk 2020
Risk characteristics of covered bonds: monitoring beyond ratings Magdalena Grothe, Jana Zeyer - European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank Cost and Risk 2020
The Sovereign-Bank Nexus in EMDEs: What Is It, Is It Rising, and What Are the Policy Implications ? Erik H.B Feyen, Igor Zuccardi - World Bank Cost and Risk 2019
Risky bank guarantees Taneli Mäkinen, Lucio Sarno, Gabriele Zinna - Bank of Italy, University of Cambridge Cost and Risk 2019

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