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Bridging the climate-development gap Dani Rodrik, Ishac Diwan - Diplomatic Courier Cost and Risk 2023
Charting a course through Rough Seas: How Emerging Markets can navigate tougher external conditions Gita Gopinath - IMF Cost and Risk 2023
Machine Learning Algorithm for Mid-Term Projection of the EU Member States’ Indebtedness Silvia Zarkova, Dimitar Kostov, Petko Angelov, Tsvetan Pavlov, Andrey Zahariev - "D. A. Tsenov " Academy of Economics Cost and Risk 2023
Political Budget Cycles in early Versus regular elections: The Case of Serbia Vladan Ivanovic, Endrit Lami, Drini Imam - University of Kragujevac, Martin Luther University , Agricultural University of Tirana Cost and Risk 2023
Sovereign Risk and Bank Lending: Theory and Evidence from a Natural Disaster Yusuf Soner Başkaya, Bryan Hardy, Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Vivian Yue - FED Cost and Risk 2023
The potential impact of broader central clearing on dealer balance sheet capacity: a case study of UK gilt and gilt repo markets. The Bank of England Cost and Risk 2023
Impact of Climate Change on Sovereign Risk in Asia S. P. Jayasooriya - Asian Development Bank Cost and Risk 2023
Sovereign risk and financial risk Simon Gilchrist, BinWei, Vivian Z.Yue, Egon Zakrajšek - New York University, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Bank of International Settlements Cost and Risk 2022
Leverage of Local State-Owned Enterprises, implicit Contingent Liabilities of Government and Economic Growth Yixuan Duan, Min Guo, Yixuan Huang - China University of Petroleum, University of International Business and Economics, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences Cost and Risk 2022
The impacts of disaster risk on sovereign asset and liability management World Bank Cost and Risk 2022

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