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How Strategic Litigation Exposed the Maneuver of the International Monetary Fund and Argentina's Government to Reach the Stand-by Credit of 2018 (the Biggest Credit in IMF's History) Francisco Verbic - UNLP School of Law and Social Sciences Multilateral Financing 2024
Budgetary Constrained Governments: Drivers of Time Varying Fiscal Sustainability in OECD Countries António Afonso, José Carlos Coelho - ISEG Economic Policies 2024
Public Debt Bubble and Deflation: Evidence on the Relationship Between Chinese Government Debt and the Financial System Xinda Li, Xuefeng Shao, Hualu Shao - Jilin University Economic Policies 2024
New Perspectives on Quantitative Easing and Central Bank Capital Policies Tobias Adrian et al - IMF Economic Policies 2024
The Effect of Primary Dealer Constraints on Intermediation in the Treasury Market Falk Bräuning, Hillary Stein - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Primary Markets 2024
Sovereign Debt Restructuring process is improving amid Cooperation And Reform – Analysis Ceyla Pazarbasioglu - IMF Debt Restructuring 2024
The IMF must lead on debt sustainability Mia Amor Mottley - Barbados Prime Minister Debt Crisis 2024
How Transparency makes Debt Sustainability analyses a trusted and effective tool Gail Hurley - Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES) New York and Jubilee USA Accounting Statistics Reporting and Auditing 2024
A better way to induce creditor cooperation in sovereign-debt workouts Lee C. Buchheit, Indermit Gill - University of Edinburgh, World Bank Debt Crisis 2024
A G20 Common Framework for the common person: Why addressing Global Inequality hinges on effective Debt Relief Tim Hirschel-Burns - Boston University Debt Restructuring 2024

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